• Kristiina Uusitalo Artist Statement (02.02.2017) - I paint to make visible the places where energy is stored and released. It is the human will that vibrates in the elements. My current paintings take us into the midst of the plastic soup that we swim in. The sky is still blue, but we are choking in the useless material boiling away in […]
  • Hyvää joulua ja onnentäyteistä uutta vuotta 2017! (22.12.2016) -
  • Teija-Tuulia Ahola 3.12. + Charles Sandison 16.12. (28.11.2016) - Teija-Tuulia Aholan näyttely Matkalla jonnekin avataan 3.12. kello 16:00. Charles Sandisonin näyttely avataan 16.12. kello 17:00. Teija-Ahola’s exhibition opens on the 3rd of December at 16:00. The Charles Sandison exhibition opens on the 16th of December at 17:00. Tervetuloa! Welcome!